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Semi-friends only

This journal is partly Friends Only, by which I mean the stuff that is private. I've been taken advantage of in the past by bullies and vandals and other sick peoples in the distant past and thus, because of that, I'm not very keen on sharing my more private posts and stuff.

All fangirl-, introspective- and other non-private life related posts will stay unlocked for everyone to read, though.

Thanks for understanding.

If you want to friend me, please go ahead, but I won't guarantee to friend you back if I don't know you. :)

Writing annoyances

There is something that has irked me lately and I need to get it off my chest.

People who can't write.

By which I don't mean people who can't use spell check or who don't have a good grasp on the grammar of whatever language they are writing in, as I know it's useless to try and reason with this kind of 'writer'.

Right now, I'm talking about people who only skip the small talk to get to the meat of the story, like for example:
"Person X talks some more to person Y about the party they had earlier. Then, they heard an explosion and everybody panicked."
I'd say, flesh it out! Often chapters filled up like this aren't much longer than 500 words or so, and aside from not adhering to the golden rule of thumb of "Show, don't tell", even if it's small talk, fleshing out their conversation and writing out their dialogue makes it easier to get to know them and makes it more natural.

Have you people ever read an actual book or even had classes about storytelling devices in school?
Most people obviously don't know how to construct a good story with good plot mechanics and enough suspense, instead of "X is magically sent to world Y" with no rhyme or reason as to how or why, it just happens.
It's just as bad as using the same cliché plotlines and dialogue as everybody else with nothing fresh to add to it.
They're a dime a dozen, these kind of stories, and it's pissing me off that potentially good writers do nothing to improve and just churn out stories for the sake of churning out a lot and being popular.

Also, the "He ran up the stairs. Now he stands on the fifth floor and looks down at the floor. He looks up and opens the door." kind of description I often come across really annoys me to no end. It's boring to read through and on top of that, it tells instead of showing us what happens.

Still, as an intermediate student of Japanese, the thing that annoys me the most has to be the abuse of incorrect Japanese in fanfiction.
People, using honorifics is one thing if you do your research on the series you're writing for and use them correctly, it's another thing if you substitute entire words or sentences with their often incorrect Japanese counterparts.
If I have to plough through a list of "X is Y in English" at the end of a chapter, especially if it's words like "baka", "kawaii" or even worse, sentences in a fic starting on "ano..." or "USO!" and continuing in English, I'm not reading the piece of trash you call a fanfic.
I like my fanfic polished, interesting, unique and in proper English.
To be honest, even though I'm absolutely loving series 5, I'm getting really annoyed with all the "but if it was RTD's name on The Big Bang everybody would have hated it for having a reset button" type slagging off by people who think Moffat's stuff is only loved because of the name of the guy who wrote it.

To set things straight, if it would have been RTD's name on there instead of Moffat's, I still would have loved it and it still would have been the best finale sinds 2005. Not because Moffat wrote it, but because he wrote it WELL, with a careful, subtle buildup throughout the entire series instead of just throwing one keyword of unknown origin or meaning around every other episode or to suddenly introduce an important plot point 5 minutes before said plot point is used to solve the problem (hello, Martha and "telling every person on earth about the Doctor without the Master ever noticing", I'm looking at you) with a lot of over the the smaller details and plotholes getting glossed over.

I don't have anything against people who like RTD's work, but this was one argument that has been rubbing me the wrong way for a few months now and people who use it obviously don't have a clue what they are talking about. The differences in handling between RTD and the Moff are just way too different even when they use the same devices or the same type of jokes. You can't compare them like that at all without overgeneralising a hell of a lot of stuff.

RTD's writing simply rubs me the wrong way because it is often so over the top with so much focus on individual characters while neglecting plot development that I can't emotionally connect with because I'm autistic and I have trouble with identifying with "normal people with cookie-cutter personalities" in drama. I know this won't be the case for the majority of people, though.
I just tend to like Moffat's work more for his subtle buildups, good plot ideas he doesn't go overboard with, understated performances and clear, easy explanations. That, and well, I've got a bit of a thing for horror....

Oh, and lastly, because it was bothering me, those smart people who don't understand The Big Bang and claim it was too convoluted and complicated obviously didn't watch and listen closely enough. It was so extremely straightforward and, well, obvious what was happening that I'm really astonished that there actually are that much adults claiming that they didn't get it at all...


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